Case Study - UPS

UPS founded in 1907, are the world’s largest package delivery service and a global provider for transportation and global services. They provide services to both corporate and individuals. 

The company was restricted by a lack of reporting ability and faced on-going challenges due to the significant time constraints associated with its complex payroll processes. They needed a payroll provider they could trust to not miss deadlines or create unnecessary delays, and with the pressure of RTI nearing, they chose Payroll with Perks. 

Payroll with Perks helped UPS to transform their the day-to-day working processes for the internal payroll team, as well as dramatically improving in-house control and confidence in the quality of the information provided.

Since our involvement, we have helped to:
  • Completely manage the organisation’s relationship with HMRC with regards to RTI returns.
  • Reduce the time taken to process payroll by an estimated five man-days each month.
  • Provide the correct file formats required to manage the Organisations extremely complex pension provisions.
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