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Fully managed payroll
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Fully managed payroll
Real Time Information (RTI)
Current GDPR compliance

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Fully managed payroll
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Current GDPR compliance

Case Studies

UPS founded in 1907, are the world’s largest package delivery service and a global provider for transportation and global services. They provide services to both corporate and individuals. 

The company was restricted by a lack of reporting ability and faced on-going challenges due to the significant time constraints associated with its complex payroll processes.

Case Studies

Uber, founded in March 2009, now operates in 632 other cities worldwide.

Uber approached Payroll with Perks with a requirement to provide a payroll service to meet the needs of their largely self employed contractors who primarily were using their own vehicles. We provided Uber with a one-stop shop service of fast payments, advice on submitting expenses and a provision up to date information on taxation policies.

Case Studies
PDSA – Fully Managed Payroll

Since company formation in 1917 and following a significant growth , PDSA has been operating through a UK wide network of 48 Pet Hospitals. PDSA needed an outsourced payroll solution that could grow with it, and which could enhance their development for easy payroll, cost effective and efficient management. 

The biggest problem PDSA recognised was that it did not have enough back office processing capacity to handle the growing volume of employees.

Case Studies
Amazon UK

Amazon has invested £6.4bn in the UK since 2010. They are rapidly growing with a pledge to increase its number of permanent employees in the UK to 24,000 by the end of 2017. Including its marketplace sellers, their workforce capacity is further augmented by an additional 74,000 . Amazon is recognised as a global player in delivering a range of products and services to consumers.Amazon faced challenges due to the significant time constraints associated with its complex payroll processes.

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