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At Payroll with Perks, we understand the endless challenges of healthcare payroll, not to mention all the complex legislative and HR issues. Whether you run a multi – site care home organisation or an individual personal budget, we can help.

Wide experience across the healthcare sector

Our payroll services team understand the endless healthcare payroll challenges for the many different organisations that make up the healthcare industry, many of which indirectly complement the work in the NHS. 

From managing social housing schemes or care homes, to the recent growth in the number of disabled or elderly people receiving personal budgets (and taking them as a Direct Payment) the complexities of payroll and HR issues need to be fully understood. As a result, we offer a bespoke healthcare payroll service designed to meet your exact needs. 

We have significant experience in dealing with all aspects of payroll management for housing, care and nursing homes, and through organisations such as the Avery Healthcare and ECDP, with whom we provide payroll support for individuals with personal budgets. Our expertise will help save you time and resource, but more importantly ensure your staff are paid accurately, on time, every time.

We’ll take care of your payroll
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Competitive and transparent healthcare payroll

Payroll with Perks provide a highly accurate, cost-effective healthcare payroll service for organisations of all sizes. Our fees are extremely competitive and transparent, and with charges only for the number of payslips produced you only pay for what you need.

Taking the headache out of all the complex legislation within healthcare payroll processing, our solutions enable you to share data seamlessly from your roster and T&A systems, removing that painful duplication of work. And our flexible approach means that we can create a solution with you that meets your healthcare payroll needs, supporting flexible working and zero hours contracts where used, and seamlessly supporting larger organisations where growth and acquisitions may form part of your strategy.

Payroll with Perks can also provide a single, web-based solution for HR, talent management and payroll, including Employee and Manager Self Service functions.

We have vast experience in dealing with all aspects of payroll management for care and nursing homes throughout the UK. Our expertise will help save your care home time and resource, but more importantly ensure your staff are paid accurately, on time, every time. Intuitive reporting including nominal journal outputs.

Case Studies
Avery Healthcare – Fully Managed Payroll

Following a period of significant growth to 50 care homes, with 4,000 employees, Avery Healthcare needed an outsourced payroll solution that could grow with it, while also ensuring efficiency and strong cost management.Outsourcing its payroll to Payroll with Perks was a critical business decision, but since the partnership has come into force, Avery is now benefiting from the delivery of smooth payroll implementations, efficient processes, timely reporting and support for key changes such as Auto-Enrolment.

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